Join the Thunderclap

From an email received by The National Autistic Society today:

World Autism Awareness Day is fast approaching and we’ve been hard at work to get the UK to take notice like never before. This Friday sees the launch of Too Much Information, our biggest ever campaign to improve autism understanding.

Check out the trailer for a short film we’ve made to give viewers a chance to see the world through the eyes of someone autistic. This film launches on Friday, but as you are one of our loyal supporters, we wanted you to see a sneak peek.

We need this film to go viral so that as many people as possible understand what it’s like to be autistic.

You can help by signing up to our ‘thunderclap’ today. Everyone who joins the thunderclap will automatically share our film on Facebook or Twitter at the exact same time. If lots of you do it, the film will be hard to ignore.

I’ve pledged my support – will you? 🙂


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