Being Put On The Spot…

I hate answering the phone on the best of days. I especially hate answering the phone at work. You miss out on important facial cues and tone of voice can easily be misinterpreted. Where I work, it seems to be regular practice that if a call comes in from a parent for a young person whose name happens to be associated with your own, then the call is just put through with no warning. For me, it would be great if a message could be taken so I could look at the case file and get my bearings, then ring them back when I feel confident that I can handle the query.

It’s so difficult to explain that you have this difficulty when you appear able… You’re just told to get on with it, and on the inside you’re so anxious but have to hold it together and not have a meltdown… Then you’re just labeled as mentally unstable.

I hope that I am contacted soon about this assessment… I really need to get through this so I’m able to explain (with the benefit of the diagnosis) why I struggle with these seemingly mundane tasks… Trying to explain without it is like trying to explain the taste of something to someone who has never tasted it before… Does that even make sense? My head is in such a muddle… And it’s only Tuesday.


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