Am I or am I not?

Just started reading another book about Autism called I Think I Might Be Autistic [UK Kindle Edition] by Cynthia Kim [Musings of an Aspie]. I read how Asperger’s Syndrome is now wrapped up into the overarching Autistic Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, and reading the technical terminology of the criteria, I thought, “geez, what if I’m wrong about this??” but thankfully Kim broke it down as to what questions to ask which can help to answer the diagnostic criteria – most of which I ended up highlighting as either More Often Than Not Yes, YES and OMG DEFINITELY YES.

It’s very weird being in limbo right now. It fills me with too much anxiety to ring the GP to find out what’s happening with my referral, as it’s probably out of her hands anyway.

I just worry that I’ve adapted my behaviour so much to fit in on a day to day basis that when it comes down to the actual assessment (however that plays out), I’ll end up not being “Autistic enough” to qualify for diagnosis… Then I’ll be back at square one, so to speak.

I’m just going to keep reading and highlighting… I hope that the more information I gather and denote as being relevant, the easier it will be for me to evidence that my experience of life is not the same as the majority of people out there.

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